Phoenix Lock And Door Key Cutting For Commercial Phoenix, AZ


Phoenix Lock And Door Phoenix, AZ 602-687-4454Key cutting is an extremely delicate job and only a professional locksmith can execute it to perfection. Business owners don’t take chances with the security of their property and always choose the best professionals in town. If you run and operate a commercial setup anywhere in Phoenix, AZ, Phoenix Lock And Door is your calling card for all business locksmith solutions.

We are an experienced locksmith company that offers 24x7 commercial locksmith solutions to businesses throughout Phoenix, AZ area. Apart from regular lock repair and installation services, our specialist locksmiths offer expert key cutting services. In fact, we are second to none when it comes to key cutting for commercial  clients and delivers precision-engineered keys with high durability. Our experts can cut countless combinations of keys, simple or intricate, right from single bitted to multi-bitted.

The two main reasons for availing our services:

Loss :

Keys are diminutive in size and tend to get misplaced every now and then. Since offices are huge and use hundreds of keys daily, it is highly likely that they would lose one or two keys in a month.

Damage :

Excessive use over time can rob your key of its efficiency. If your office is subject to daily and has not been changed in many years, it will most likely have sloppy edges and that should be fixed immediately, lest you want your key to get jammed inside the lock.

Apart from these two, there are several reasons to avail services from a professional.

Professional services

We have mastered key cutting for commercial  needs with years of experience and training. We understand the modern techniques and use cutting-edge equipment to make new keys. Plus, we monitor them for proper calibration via several quality checks before we hand them over to you. Our dedication towards providing immaculate quality and insistence on using only the best tools has given us the reputation and success that we enjoy today.

Emergency help and fair prices

We offer 24x7 emergency services and assure an express response time of just 30 minutes. Whether it’s well past midnight or a public holiday, we are always available to take care of your issues. Plus, we don’t exploit our customers with overpricing techniques or emergency expenses. Our services cost the same all 24 hours of the day, and never a penny more.

Need key cutting for commercial  purposes? Call us now on 602-687-4454 !